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Command Steering for Trailers.

  • Unrivalled experience in the production of steering systems

  • Full technical back-up

  • Simple system with fewer wear items

  • High commonality of parts (e.g. bearings and hydraulic cylinders)

  • Remote DIN hydraulic fittings and control valves

  • Normal easy to obtain H15 hydraulic oil

  • In excess of 100 systems now in use in UK

  • Heavy duty 18 tonne capacity front turntable

  • Gives over twice the steering angle of a self steer

  • Works equally as well when reversing

  • Choice of Front Unit Mounting


Turning Circles

It can be seen from the diagrams that the addition of the command steered axle reduces the effective wheelbase of

the trailer, thereby increasing the inner radius that the trailer follows so reducing the amount of "cut-in".

The ESVE command steer systems is a simple, dual closed circuit displacement design, comprising of a front unit containing the hydraulic rams, whose movement is transferred from the rotating turntable via a vee-block which mates with the open vee of the tractor unit 5th wheel coupling.

As the hydraulic rams move in or out, the hydraulic fluid displaced causes a corresponding movement at the steering cylinders connecting the rear axles.


ITS can quote for the supply of the standard EB18 system for single axle steering in either single, tandem and tridem configurations or the BS2F system which will steer 2 axles in either tandem or tridem configurations.

Alternatively, bespoke systems, incorporating non-linear steering characteristics, multiple steering axles (1, 2 or 3) and remote steering control can be supplied. Four different front mountings are available to suit most trailer builders.

Systems can be fitted to most axle types such as ROR-Meritor, SAF, BPW and Gigant. In addition, ITS stock the full range of ESVE spare parts.

EB18 System
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