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 Opal Transport and Equipment Limited which was founded on the 26th March 1976 by Clive Morris Hardwick was the beginning of our company known today as Integrated Tanker Services Ltd. The growth of Opal Transport was exponential, this lead to Stephen Hardwick, the founder's son and current Managing Director to enter Tanker Rental in 1981. 

We were the first company in the U.K. to look abroad for tankers that would offer our customers additional features over those available solely in this country. As a result we have built up strong relations with these companies, further allowing us to specify required tanker enhancements.

Right from the beginning, the company's philosophy was to locate tankers that exceeded expectations for hirer's and our first success came with a revolutionary milk tanker. Over the years, ITS has built up an extensive knowledge of the tanker market. This has enabled us to identify potential enhancements to create safer, more competitive tankers.

Personal service has always been at the heart of ITS's growth, and despite our prominence in the tanker rental industry, our customers can still phone and discuss their needs with the Managing Director


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